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I try my best to only share products with you guys that actually work, and believe me, this ones for real. The results can easily be seen in the pictures, but I want to dive deeper into the actual process of the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit.

The thing I loved most is how personalized it is. You make your own teeth impressions that are then sent to their lab to make custom whitening trays. I always hated whitening strips because I felt like they didn't get the crevices between your teeth. This definitely fixed that problem for me. 

I wouldn't say that my teeth are sensitive, but they have their weak moments with the occasional ice cream sting or cold water jab in the gums. Because this kit includes a desensitizing gel, that problem was eliminated too. I never once had issues with sensitivity or staining, which I have had in the past with whitening strips. 

My favorite part of this whole process was the immediate results. I'm super impatient so the "will see results within 2 weeks" reeeeaalllyyy doesn't cut it for me. Like I said, the picture above is after only 3 uses at 45 minutes each! 

Now that you've seen my results, it's time to announce the winner of the Smile Brilliant Whitening kit! Congrats to Cassandra!

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Hannah Vance