Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE time of year! Something about the festivities and sense of togetherness that comes with the holiday truly is so special to me. Don't get me wrong, I love all holidays, but Christmas is what I LIVE FOR. This year,  Jon and I decided to host a little get-together for our closest friends and I wanted to share with you want went into making the night so wonderful! 

I love Jon for many reasons, but a big one is he's my own personal Ken doll. He lets me play dress up with him but in real life haha! When The Tie Bar reached out to me, I screamed. I know I've mentioned on here before that menswear is one of my passions, but holy cow this was playing with the big dogs! As I was shopping around on for Jon, I noticed that they pre-put together outfits for men. Their shirt and tie combos make it super easy to piece together outfits and you can even pair the outfits with different color suits, just to see what they'll look like. Personally, I thought this was super helpful for shopping online because you'll know exactly what it all looks like together. Jons wearing the Christmas List Plaid Green tie with the trim fit white Pinpoint solid shirt and Tad Stripe Hunter green socks. Doesn't he look so handsome?!

I love having fresh flowers but hate how expensive they are. EverWild florals fixed that problem by cutting out all the stuff a company doesn't need and gives you the most beautiful arrangements at an actually do-able price! Sarah, the founder, is honestly the sweetest human being and I truly believe in what she's doing! It feels good to support local, especially when you know it's good people! A couple days ago she posted the most beautiful wreath and I'm still over here obsessing about it! You can check her out on IG at @everwild_florals. Here's the gorgeous arrangement she made for our home! 

Thanks to Russell Stover, we were able to send our guests home each with a box of peppermint melts and OH MY GAWSH they're so good!!!! A couple people forgot to grab theirs and honestly I wasn't mad at all because that means more for us to eat!! These are such a great little gift and they're so cute! 

Last but not least, a party wouldn't be anything without some help from my favorite store, HMK! I hope you guys never get tired of hearing me talk about them because I'll never get tired of bragging on them!!! I'm obsessing over the vintage red trucks and this plate was simply the cutest! HMK always has the most unique, timeless party pieces. 

All in all, our party was a success and we couldn't have done it without the help of The Tie Bar, EverWild Florals, Russell Stover, HMK and my mom (cause let's be honest I'm horrible in the kitchen. She did a lot of it!)  I also wanted to say thank you to my girl Olivia, who did this shoot for us. She's an amazing photographer and always has a way of making my vision come to life, but better. Check her out at Feel free to check all these wonderful companies on IG or ask me any questions you have about them! I'm linking both Jon's and my outfit here! 

Hannah Vance