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Before I met Jon, my husband, I never knew there were so many things to add to your workout to make it better! Without a doubt, being introduced to pre-workout was the biggest game changer for my workouts. Lately, I've been using WM Nutrition's all natural preworkout and loving it. I've tried a lot of different pre-workouts and HATE that tingly, hot feeling a lot of them give. This one has never made me feel that way and doesn't give you a crash later in the day. You can use code _hannahvance for a discount! 

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Workout Accessories:

These are a few other products I love when I workout. The cup is super easy to clean (priority when using powders) and the arm band makes having your phone around at the gym a lot easier! I hate having to sit my phone down places- I'm paranoid! I'm almost always wearing a hat to keep hair out of my face because headbands don't stay on super well. The one I linked here is great and easy to wash. Copper fit socks are my all time fav- they hold up for years and don't slide down your heel! 

Hannah Vance