FEBRUARY 26TH: Skin Care Q&A: Tara VanderValk with Radiance Beautiful Skin

Tara and I started messaging on IG a few months ago, and after some chatting, we set up a massage and hydrafacial at her gorgeous spa! During the hydrafacial, I chatted with her about some common skin care questions and myths and wrote down her expert-answers to share with you! Following the Q&A is my review of the hydrofacial and massage!


1. What's the easiest thing you can do for your skin?

Her response was immediate- exfoliate. She explained how exfoliations speeds up cell turnover which prevents aging, and as we all know- prevention is easier than treatment!


2. What's the number one mistake people make with skin care?

Tara's first response was not wearing sunscreen. Secondly, she stated that so many people believe they're using professional products when they aren't. Products you can buy at stores like CVS and Walgreens or beauty stores only sell products that only work on the upper layer of skin. Professional grade products can penetrate the stratum corneum, essentially working down to a deeper level. She also noted that the FDA does very little to control marketing for skin care. A company manufacturing drug-store grade products may claim to contain Vitamin C, and while it might, the chain is probably a more unstable chemical, hence the importance of buying medical-grade products. 


3. Is there such a thing as over-treating your skin? 

She explained that you don't want to do so much that you strip your barrier skin and natural oils. She talked about building up tolerances to products, just as you would with anything else. 


4. Do you recommend changing your skincare routine with the seasons?

Tara said yes, absolutely! In the winter, she recommended incorporating hyaluronic acid to keep your skin moisturized and using less products with oil in the summer.


5. What ingredients should be avoided?



Now lets talk about this life-changing hydrafacial! Here are the steps Tara takes to literally make your skin feel like new-

Step 1- Cleanse & Peel

This part uncovers a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and resurfacing


Step 2- Extract & Hydrate

This removes debris from pores with (painless) suction and nourishes with moisturizures


Step 3- Fuse & Protect

This step saturates the skin surface with antioxidants and peptides which is what maximizes glow!


Tara also added in RED LED therapy which stimulates collagen and elastin production, speeds up healing and reduces inflammation. In addition, she gave me a skin tightening treatment called microcurrent, which is basically a mini-facelift! The peel she used on me, a glycolic/lactic combo, was great because it had no down time, like a lot of peels do.

I loved the hydrafacial because it was truly a "grab and go" thing. My skin is very reactive so I had a *touch* of redness for about an hour, which is totally normal, but it was GLOWING shortly after! The biggest difference I noticed was the texture of my skin. It was so much smoother and tighter, but not in a way that felt dry. The pores on my forehead were literally non-existant. As you guys know, I'm a crazy makeup lady and I can honestly say my liquid foundation has NEVER GONE ON SO SMOOTH! I'm not a hairy person at all, but I never realized how much little peach fuzz affects the look of your skin!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw me talk about the massage as well! I've gotten many different kinds of massages before, from chiropractic to accupressure and this one was by far, the best. Definitely one of those "hurt so good" type massages! It was full body and she really concentrated on my shoulders. I never knew I harbored so much stress there! She was great about making the pressure perfect for your preference too.  

I absolutely cannot say enough good things about Radiance and the services they offer and I'm so glad to have met Tara and her awesome team! You can find them at @radiance_beautifulskin on instagram or at radiancebeautifulskin.com! 


Please feel free to contact me for further information! Here's some pictures of the beautiful salon!

Hannah Vance