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I'm a few weeks late, but I thought I'd round up the top 15 most popular items of 2018! Some of these surprised me and some didn't. Its clear athleisure was the big category this year, but I was honestly shocked and excited to see two menswear items on my top 15!  

Whats interesting to me is the stuff you guys loved most are some of my most worn items in my closet- great minds think alike hehe! Its so cool that what I wear most correlates to what you all like because that means were on the same page, which is incredibly important for building this little community! I absolutely love it when you tell me what you're shopping for or what you've bought and loved! It really helps guide me on what to in the future, so please keep the DMs and emails coming!  

Thank you so much for always being interactive and supportive through 2018, I am so grateful for you all!!!!

Hannah Vance