DECEMBER 7TH: I Do (Not Know What I'm Doing)

I'm the farthest thing from a wedding planner. I'm the farthest thing from a planner, period. Tasks that are multi-dimensional FREAK ME OUT because it's like you're in over your head before you even start. The truth is, at least for me, planning a wedding is not as glamorous as it's shown to be in literally any movie you've ever watched. I've experienced multiple breakdowns and considered eloping more times than I can count. Now that I'm nearing the end of my planning process, I thought I'd share some tid-bits of info I've learned along the way and a few other little tips to make this overall process more enjoyable and manageable. 

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1. Your planning doesn't start until AFTER the proposal. 

Weirdly, my biggest pet peeve is prematurely planning a wedding. Hear me out on this one. LET YO MAN PICK OUT YO RANG. I've heard it all. "But what if I don't like it?" "I have to wear it for the rest of my life though!". Okay look. Your boy toy is dropping a nice chunk of change for a SURPRISE engagement. Let him make this special for you and most importantly, let him make this a surprise for you. Release the reigns girls. And trust me, if he spends time picking something special out for you, you'll love it no matter what. 

2. Give yourself options.

Even if you think you know what you want, I recommend setting up multiple appointments for everything. Sometimes you don't even know that one venue is "missing" something until you tour another. And maybe the best one was the first one, but at least you know for sure after you've seen many. 

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3. Hidden fees are no joke.

I can assure you 100% that the prices listed online are not all of them. Many catering services, venues etc have online brochures that seem to break it all down. I recommend face to face meetings with ALL your vendors. You'll find that lots of little charges come out of the woodwork. Most of the time, what you think "comes with" the package, definitely does not. Have your list of questions ready- these vendors meet with so many people, its easy to forget what they've told you and what they haven't. 

4. Some things require a splurge.

I'm not a DIY girl, but even if I was, there are 3 things I most definitely would not DIY- your venue, your DJ, and your photographer. These things alone can make or break your wedding. The venue sets your stage and has the possibility to cause you enormous amounts of stress. Personally, I looked for one that supplied as much as possible (chairs, tables, day-of planner etc). When you have to bring in outside vendors or do it yourself, it leaves room for error. Your DJ sets the tone of the night. Sure, your own playlist is free, but the right DJ can take your reception from drab to fab. They can make it interactive for your guests and ensure everything flows together seamlessly. Lastly, your pictures are the single greatest way to reminisce of your special day. A good photographer captures the formal and informal moments in a perfect modge-podge of visual memories. 

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 5. Accept that everything is subject-to-change.

Trust me, your final outcome will be vastly different than what you started with. I'm totally not saying you're not going to get your dream wedding. For the most part, mine is 10x better than the idea of what I started with, so don't get so set in one mindset that you're unwilling to at least weigh other options. Be flexible and open minded. The only thing thats the same as when I went in is FRIED CHICKEN. I've said since I was 10 I would have fried chicken at my wedding and gosh darn it we're eating fried chicken!

I hope my little how-to guide helps you either now or in the future! I'm always available to give more advice or answer any more questions, just shoot me an email! I had so much fun doing this shoot for Something White Bridal and had even more fun getting my very own dress there!  

XOXO Hannah 


  • Gowns: Something White Bridal (Boutique) Robert Bullock Bridal (designer)

  • Photography: Nagel Portraits

  • Venue: Bourgmont Vineyard

  • Floral: KP Event Design

  • Planner: Simple Elegance

  • Hair/Makeup: Reflections Salon

  • Paper: East & West Design

  • Rental: Ultrapom

  • Cake: Adorn Cakes

  • Jewelry: Kendra Scott

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Hannah Vance