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Hi friends! Here's a little insight into the blog and my motives for staring one-

I graduated from the University of Central Missouri in May and started my job as a nurse in June.  Life has been pretty busy these past few months and as it's starting to take a turn for the slower route, I decided to give this whole blogging thing a go. I, myself, am an avid blog reader and always enjoyed gaining some insight into these people's lives. (I realize that made me sound like a stalker but lets go with it). I've had a secret "blogging tips and tricks" page on Pinterest for a few months, but never actually had the time or the energy to act on it. If we're being totally honest, I was a little intimidated too. For awhile I struggled with finding a niche to dig into to validate my own spot within the blogging world.  I considered doing one based solely on nursing or beauty, but soon realized that would be too exclusive and I wanted this blog to be applicable to all those who wish to read it. So I'm just going to write about whatever I want or whatever you guys ask me to write about about. Call it whatever you will, as long as you don't call it a failure! 

Once I'd decided on my niche, or really a lack of one, I had to name this bad boy. I've always been infatuated with the use of initials and monograms, so I chose to do a play on my soon-to-be new initials, HV. Habits and Vitals seemed to fit perfectly with my plans to write about life, as well as nursing. 

I encourage anyone to request a subject for me to blog about and I want this to be as interactive as possible (how-to's, reviews, opinions, hauls, tutorials etc). You name it, I'll do it, but please don't ever ask me to write about cooking because that's definitely not a skill in my repertoire! I've always loved the way social media can connect us, as cliche as that statement may be. I have met so many wonderful people and had so many great experiences through connecting on social media platforms and I hope this blog can be a facilitator that gives my readers that same connection. 

 Here's to the first post and many more to come!                                                                                                                                                                                                           Cheers, Hannah 


Hannah Vance